Integration Solutions for SunSystems

For integration to and from SunSystems for Asset Management, CRM, EFT, Expense Management, Sales, Stock and Purchasing (plus more!), Unity for SunSystems unifies critical business applications seamlessly. View some of our current client solutions to see how Unity can be a key part of your team.

Asset Management

Unity replicates reference, asset and transaction data between your AM system and SunSystems ensuring unified account, analysis and supplier records between the applications. Orders, receipts, stock movement and invoices can be consumed from your AM system and posted as journals to either the Commitment or Actual ledgers. Once a payment is made within SunSystems, Unity can also send back confirmation to the AM system that an invoice is paid, helping users see the full status of an invoice without having to go between systems.

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Microsoft CRM

Unity orchestrates the posting of sales invoices and the creation of debtor accounts from Microsoft CRM into SunSystems via SQL and SOAP services. Bank reconciliations and allocations are made within SunSystems once a payment is received in the bank. Unity recognises that the transaction has been partially\fully paid (allocated) and then updates the status to paid including payment details within CRM

Additional datasets are created in CRM via Unity from SunSystems for both gl accounts and analysis codes ensuring only validated codes can be used within CRM when coding orders and invoices.

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Concur Expense Management

Unity connects to Concurs secure FTP site and downloads expense files not yet processed in Unity. Once consumed Unity decrypts the files and stores the data within Unity for further processing. Expenses are consolidated, validated and then posted to SunSystems. Postings can be customised to meet varying business requirements, from business unit/account/analysis to reporting and tax.

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AMEX Statements

Unity connects to Amex’s secure FTP site and downloads the Amex card statements per branch that have not yet been processed. If the file is encrypted Unity decrypts the file and stores the data in Unity. Unity generates the journals based on the record data consumed from the file and defaults in the Amex control account based on a lookup table within Unity per Business Unit.

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Electronic Fund Transfers

Once a payment has been made within SunSystems, Unity will consume the payment information and convert the data into the format required for loading via the bank EFT portal. Full audit and email notification is enabled informing specified users when a payment has been made and requires loading into the bank EFT portal. Unity can be configured to work with many different bank account formats.

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Unity automates the postings of intercompany transactions between Business Units within SunSystems, including substitution of gl account codes if the business unit’s charts of accounts are not aligned. If required, users have the ability to review and approve the journal, prior to the journal being posted within their Business Unit.

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Time sheet and payroll transactions can be posted automatically via Unity ensuring manual intervention is not required. Purchase order and Invoices are also processed real-time or in batches providing real-time commitment and actual costs for reporting on. Accounts payable users have up to date information on supplier balances and invoices and payments can be conducted from SunSystems in a timely manner.

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AP Assist

Automates and audits the typically manual accounts payable payment process. With automatic selection of transactions for payment, online approval, automatic generation of bank file(s), emailed HTML remittances, bank statement imports with auto reconciliation and generation of FX postings all from within one application.

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